The Group has actively explored the feasibility of tapping into the new industry of integrated energy services. During the year, the Group established “Dongguan China Power Integrated Energy Company Limited”* (東莞中電綜合能源有限公司) in Dongguan to obtain the qualification for sales of electricity in direct power supply transactions in order to establish business of sales of electricity and heat. It also established “Gansu China Power Integrated Energy Services Company Limited”* (甘肅中電綜合能源服務有限公司) in Gansu to expand its power distribution business.

The Group is also actively planning and conducting smart energy projects to provide distributed energy and smart energy services. The Company plans to establish smart energy service with the support of Guangdong Dongguan Lisha Island Project to provide integrated power solutions of heat, power, cooling, water and gas in Lisha Island

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